Luz Kinilaw Place : Davao’s Famous Ihaw-Ihaw Restaurant

According to locals, a Davao food hunt is not complete without eating at Luz Kinilaw. This is the same restaurant where I had my first lunch in Davao a couple of years back and ironically, its the same restaurant where we had our first lunch for our Kadayawan Festival 2008 coverage.

Tuna Kinilaw - Luz Kinilaw Place Davao City

The restaurant is the most popular seafood restaurant in the Salmonan area in Davao City. It’s more of a “carinderia” or “turo-turo” type, you need to order the food before its cooked. This 40 year old seaside restaurant serves freshly grilled Chicken, grilled fish, and a viriety of Tuna dishes.

Grilled Tuna Belly - Luz Kinilaw Place Davao City

Davao’s ever popular Kinilaw na Tuna (cubed sashimi) is the local counterpart of the Japanese Tuna Sashimi, it is served with fine slices of radish, onions, and chopped ginger. Kinilaw is served without vinegar or seasoning, but you are free to make your own chili vinegar dip.

Grilled Chicken - Luz Kinilaw Place Davao City

Another one of their bestseller is inihaw na panga (grilled tuna collar / jaw). The variety of seafood does not come as a suprise since Davao has an abundance in marine life.

Grilled Squid - Luz Kinilaw Place Davao City

Upon arrival, the attendant took our orders and directed us to proceed to the second floor to secure our dining table. We ordered Grilled Squid, Grilled Chicken, Kinilaw na Tuna, Grilled Tuna Belly, Grilled Bihod (Roe), 3 liters of Cola and 5 cups of rice.

Luz Kinilaw Place Davao City

While anxiously waiting for our meal, we discussed our Kadayawan Festival 2008 itinerary but was short lived since the grub arrived only 10 minutes of waiting. Everyone got busy feasting on the seafoods, the rice was perfectly cooked and everything was served right off the grill. I have to rave about the Grilled Squid, it wasn’t overcooked and was exactly the way I like my squid.

Luz Kinilaw Restaurant Davao City

We only paid less than Php1,000.00 for a hearty meal that served all five of us. Good Deal for a Barkada Pig-out since you can easily divide the cost and best of all you can try as many dishes as you want at a very minimal cost.

Branches :

Luz Kinilaw Place
Salmonan, Davao City,
Tel Nos: (082)226-4612 / 221-8377

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