Globe Lumpia House – The Home of Original Fresh Lumpia

It was a rainy afternoon when I got a craving for “Lumpiang Sariwa” and since I had to print a couple of photos in Hidalgo I took advantage of the opportunity, I grabbed my camera bag and made my way to Quiapo to satisfy my hankering. I didn’t come as a surprised that a hand-full of people were there waiting for their turn to make an order. They ran out of lumpia wrappers and we had to wait for 25 minutes before the line got going again.

Globe Lumpia House - Raon Quiapo
Globe’s Lumpiang Sariwa

After 25 minutes of idly waiting, the waiter served my order, two servings of spicy lumpia… Yummy, It was definitely worth the wait. I immediately left the table after gobbling up my meal as a courtesy to the people looking for an empty table.

Globe Lumpia House - Raon Quiapo
Definitely better than Goldilocks!

It was a couple of years back when I first learned about this Lumpia house while my uncle shared his version of the glory days of Quiapo back in the 60’s. Globe Lumpia House started with a small kiosk inside the Globe Theater where movie-goers were their primary customers. The restaurant still occupies the same spot at the old Globe Theater entrance even though the theater itself has been long gone. Globe Lumpia House is small and can only accommodate 20 people at a time and the star of the menu is Fresh Lumpia, Empanada, bottled water and soft-drinks.

Globe Lumpia House - Raon Quiapo
Have you tried it already?

Lumpia is a local equivalent of the Chinese’s spring rolls but Globe Lumpia serves the fresh and uncooked variety. According to Wikipedia, the Lumpia recipe, both fried and fresh versions, were brought by the Chinese immigrants from the Fujian province of China to Southeast Asia and became popular in the Philippines and in Indonesia.

Globe Lumpia House - Raon Quiapo
A typical Pinoy Restaurant!

Back in 1957, when this small Lumpia House opened, a serving of Lumpia would cost you 0.35 centavos but these days it is priced at 16 pesos. A fellow customer raved about how the taste has remained the same despite the time that has gone by, and sadly, that the modern Lumpia contains less chopped / crushed peanuts and fresh lettuce.

Globe Lumpia House - Raon Quiapo
Globe Lumpia’s Fresh Ingredients!

What makes this “Lumpiang Sariwa” different?

The ingredients are all fresh and you can even watch them prepare it at the restaurants entrance. Lumpia is served with caramel sauce stuffed with crushed peanuts, ubod (a vegetable harvested from the inner core and growing bud of certain palm trees), garlic and fresh lettuce. Unlike the fresh lumpia in Goldilocks, Globe’s lumpia has a spicy garlic taste that blends best with the not so sweet caramel sauce.

Globe Lumpia House - Raon Quiapo
Former Cinema’s entrance now a Lumpia Restaurant

How to get there:

Globe Lumpia House
740 G. Puyat Street (formerly Raon)
Telephone: 733-2918

From the corner of Quezon Blvd and G. Puyat (aka Raon) you can find the lumpia house on the left side of the street.

Warning:Just like other Asian Cities like Bangkok and Bombay, Quiapo is a very crowded place, make sure to secure your important things inside your bag. Lastly, take care of your Bag (LOL)

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  • suzette says:

    hi melo!

    wow!!! makes me jump out of my seat and go to quiapo right away and order that lumpia!!! =)

    i have been to raon many times but have not seen/noticed globe lumpia. maybe ill go there one of these days… am not really a big fan of fresh lumpia but after reading your article, am actually CRAVING for one!!!


  • @suzette – Hello Suzette – Thanks for the kind words.. You should really try it.. ako din Im craving for lumpia now!

  • ariel says:

    masarap mag franchise niyan sa amerika..may franchise kaya

  • @ariel – Im just not sure kung may franchice sila

  • Sam Martinez says:

    I miss the chinese lumpia at Globe Lumpia House. I now live in the United States and I have not found anything like it here. Does somebody have the recipe?


  • ariel says:

    oo nga sana somebody can write the recipe, mukhang simple lang

  • marie claire says:

    hi… thank you for patronizing and loving our lumpia, we hope you enjoy our product everytime you have time to visit us. We don’t franchise because this is a secret family recipe from my lolo…… Our recipe is simple but a lot of love goes out in each lumpia that is why it seems to be a comfort food. By the way, this is also to inform pinoy.cravings that we will use this article for our file… in behalf of my family, thank you very much.

  • @marie claire – based on your email address does it mean Globe Lumpia is owned by Tongyang?

  • Joy says:

    I can’t believe this place still exist! My husband took me to this place on our first date (1970s). Number 1 – I was not a veggie eater and Number 2 – I was not impressed with the place. After many many dates, however, I became a convert.
    We are planning our vacation to the Phiippines in March and I thought of visiting the places where we used to hang out. I typed Globe fresh lumpia and found this. We will definitely visit this place. I hope the taste is still the same.

  • Joy says:

    @marie claire
    My husband and I had our first date at your restaurant in the 1970s. I can’t wait to visit your restaurant again when we have our vacation ther ein the Philippines in two months. Hope it is still the same taste.

  • I hope you can share us your experience / impression on your upcoming visit:)

  • Ben says:

    I always make it a point to visit the Globe lumpia hole-in-the-wall eatery on Raon street (close to where the old Globe Theatre for which I assume the name Globe was derived) whenever I visit Manila. Last year, I was able to buy from a store in Project 2 QC that claims to have that recipe. Not bad, except that it cost 24 pesos there where it is only 16 pesos in Quiapo. This time I only went to Raon and I saw on their wall a sign that says “no branches anywhere” or something to that effect. Can the owner enlighten us on this?

    I cannot wait for another visit before I can taste that lumpia again so if anybody can even just try to list the ingredients, I would like to try just for my own consumption. Is it ubod or is it singkamas (Jikama here in US) that is the main ingredient?

  • Odit says:

    @Ben – That lumpia house in Project 2 is Lei’s. I think she a daughter of the original owners of Globe Lumpia. Lei’s has a stall at the side of Eunilane Supermarket at Kalayaan QC. I think their main ingrdient is singkamas (jicama) and not ubod (heart of palm). In Singapore it’s close relative is called poh pia. Globe Theater was across Globe Lumpia.

  • I have tried fresh Lumpia in SG but it taste different.. Globe is better

  • Odit says:

    @pinoy.cravings – I totally agree with you. The Big Little Store in San Juan (near Wilson, on Abad Santos?, I’m not sure)also has a version. Legend has it that Globe Lumpia started as ambulant street vendor, much like taho vendors. Legend also has it that Ma Mon Luk started this way.

  • @odit – Whats the name of that store in Wilson?

  • @Odit – whats the name of the store in wilson?

  • Odit says:

    It’s not on Wilson itself. It’s on the street where you turn right if you’re on Wilson. I think there’s an Alex III on the corner.

  • Odit says:

    Little Big Store

  • Odit says:

    It’s a small grocery, Chinese style but they have a dine in section.

  • Odit says:

    Sorry, the name is “Little Store on the Hill”. It’s on J. A. Santos cor Biak na Bato. You turn right to J A Santos if you’re on Wilson coming from Cardinal Santos Hospital. There’s a store named “The Little Big Store” on 3rd Street, New Manila, near the computer center on Gilmore, which has the same arrangement(mini grocery selling mostly Chinese items and a dine in section) and same fonts as “Little Store on the Hill”.

  • thanks for the tip:)

  • eTabs says:

    @Globe Lumpia House | Philippine Travel Blog

    going there, going there, TODAY!!!

  • leona says:

    OMG! I have been dreaming of this lumpia. I ‘ve always thought they’ve closed or franchised. Thank you for the info. I am going there today, asap!

  • Ben says:

    Hey Leona, eTabs,

    How was it? I hope I get a chance to visit again in January and that will be one of my place-to-go.

    So can anybody cook up a recipe for the Globe lumpia> I am not a good cook but I will try it here in New Jersey/

  • Joel says:

    Bakit ganun yung bawang na nilalagay nila? masabaw?
    Tapos ano yung ikatlo nilang nilalagay? Hot sauce?
    Kasi una parang sauce lang. Tapos yung bawang na masabaw. Tapos yung pula? Hot sauce??? tapos maning durog di ba?

  • ian says:

    waaa!! astig! hindi ko mahanap toh sa quiapo atlis alam ko n ngaun ang address hehehe punta ako jan ppakyaw ako ng lumpia…

  • ooze says:

    So easy to find guys every time I visit raon di pwede di ako dadaan dyan and every friends that I brought there bumabalik talaga. Landmark dyan guys yun overpass ng raon… 🙂

  • hershy cruz says:

    yap, yung overpass nga ang landmark ng globe fresh lumpia… tapos kung pupunta kayo, dapat medyo maaga kasi mabilis talaga maubos yung lumpia nila. one time mga 3pm pa lang yon, hindi na kami umabot. naglilinis na sila ng mga gamit kaagad, saturday pa iyon… paano na kaya kung biyernes na araw ng quiapo… hay, sarap talaga ng lumpia nila at mura ha, P16, affordable talaga. saka ang standard na orderan double talaga kasi bitin pag isa lang.

  • Eduardo Cruz Jr. says:

    masarap talaga ung lumpia nila… kaso napakaliit ng lugar saka maiinit. tapos maingay kasi tabi sila ng mga tindahan ng elctronics mostly karaoke. isa pa sa napansin ko ung mga kutsara nila may butas sa gitna… bakit kaya? palatandaan ba un na sa kanila un… bakit sa gitna pa nila binutasan.

  • Marie says:

    I love fresh lumpia, I hope I can go to quiapo and eat

  • monica says:

    hi im craving for ur fresh lumpia..i want also to run my own fresh lumpia business..can u help me..thanks

  • sandriangem says:

    matagal na yang globe lumpia na yan, kinalakihan ko na yan, nong nakatira pa kami sa quiapo, madalas kami bumibili ng kapatid ko imagine elem pa ako non, ngayon 46 na ako, at nasa p’que na nakatira, alive na alive pa din ang globe, kung minsan nagpapabili pa din ako diyan. bitin pag 1 lang ang kinain mo, siguro para masabi mong busog ka mga 3 hanggang 4 ang kainin mo. chinese na chinese kasi ang lasa, d siya nakakasawa.
    ingat lang kayo pag pumunta sa quiapo, marami talagang snatcher diyan.

  • vina says:

    wow nakakatakam nman.i loved fresh lumpia also but are the ingredients pure vegetables or with shrimp or pork?kasi im not eating such food. i want vegetables fresh lumpia w/ chicken but not shrimp or pork.just want to make sure before i will visit the place

  • Lei's Lumpia says:

    Hi everyone! Ako po ang isa sa apo ng may ari ng globe lumpia house. Sa lolo ko po ito. 93 years old na kasi po ang lolo ko kaya napunta na sa tito ko na panganay na anak niya. Pero ang momy ko ang nagtayo ng lumpiaan sa Project 2 QC na “Lei’s Fresh Lumpia”. Since 1997 pa ung lumpiaan sa QC. Yun nga lang mas malaki ung presyo dun sa project 2 kesa sa raon na presyong pang masa dahil sarili na un. meron din branch ung momy ko sa may kalayaan sa may eunilane supermarket. Nag dedeliver din po kme pero selected areas lang. kapag malayo po may minimum nga lang….. try niyo na lang and see…

  • cristina says:

    wla po bang balak magtayo ng branch dito sa cebu? sana meron kahit isa lang, cgurado akong mabinta yan dito. i tried it for straight a month my breakfast and lunch while doing my vegetarian diet, i used to buy in eunilane it’s near to my work place ksi before. ang sarap talaga at ang amoy ng bawang nag dagdag ng gana.
    sana may mag bigay ng recipe na malapit lapit sa recipe nila, alam ko kc mahirap ito na i-share ang recipe nila.

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