CNT Lechon : Cebu Lechon at its Best!

It was our second day of our Pasigarbo sa Sugbo Festival coverage in Cebu and our itinerary was pretty much loaded from Sun-up till sundown. Part of our Day 2 itinerary is a Lechon feast at CNT Lechon. It was hot and sunny when we visited the restaurant which was located right in front of SM Cebu. Upon arrival, we saw the restaurant’s veranda full of occupied tables and chairs and we thought right away that our lechon hunt was over but to our surprise, a table for 3 was vacant and waiting for us inside the restaurant.

CnT Lechon Cebu

After securing our seats, I immediately went to the counter to order some of their specialty foods. I have to get a number since a lot of people are waiting for their turn. After waiting for more than 10 minutes, I was able to order 3/4 kilo of Lechon, Ginisang Ampalaya, Cola’s and lots of “puso” rice. Puso in Cebuano, or Ta’mu in Tausug is made from rice that has been wrapped in a woven palm leaf pouch which is then boiled.

CnT's All time Favorite Ginisang Ampalaya

Since Lechon (roasted pig) is a common delicacy in almost all areas in the Philippines, I definitely know what it taste like but what makes CNT or Cebu’s lechon different?

CnT Lechon Cebu

Undeniably, CnT Cebu’s Lechon is the best lechon I’ve ever tasted. Unlike most lechon available in Manila restaurants, CnT’s lechon has a crunchy skin that crackles on every bite, meat are so tender and juicy.

CnT Lechon Cebu Slogan

In Cebu there’s no need for a liver sauce (savory dip) each time you eat lechon since it already has a flavorful taste.

CnT Lechon Cebu Takeout Box

It was really worth the long wait and the food is very affordable. Currently, CNT Lechon is the largest Cebu-based franchise that offers the famous Lechon Cebu (suckling pig).

Branches :

SM City Cebu
Near Food Court

Cnt Lechon
1377 Rama Ave, Guadalupe, Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 254-4249, (6332) 254-6641

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  • anjeichli says:

    The beauty of Cebu is nothing if the lechon is not there. And yes lechon cebu is really the best.

    Try also’s lechon is very delicious. It doesn’t need any sarsa (sauce) to make it tasty. I am very much satisfied with the juicy meat & the crispy skin. It is indeed a quality lechon that every Filipinos’ crave shall be intensely satisfied.

  • @anjeichli – I agree , Lechon cebu is the best:)

  • Rhea of UP Los Baños says:

    Masarap yung lechon…balat pa lang masarap na kasi malutong at malasa ito. Yung laman as in sobra…kakaiba sa ibang lechon… Maganda rin pagtanggap sa smin…To lechoncebu, maraming salamat po. Hindi lang masarap anf lechon nyo…the best kayo!

  • @Rhea of UP Los Baños – i agree cebu lechon is crispy and tasty.. sarap talaga

  • gwynne says:

    The best talaga ang mga pagkaing cebuano. Lalong lalo na pagdating sa lechon. Ang sarap talaga ng lechon cebu.

  • @gwynne – thats true… sana may available na CNT dito sa Manila

  • Yummy lechon, tingin pa lang masarap na, pano na kaya pag ito ay natikman mo na.

  • @In Lechon Philippine – hope you guys can sell authentic Lechon Cebu on your website..

  • ashs says:

    Sikat na sikat na talaga ang lechon cebu. Dinadayo ng mga taga ibang lugar para lang matikman ang lechon cebu. Kakaiba talaga ang cebu pagdating sa pagkain.

  • brandon says:

    Wow lechon. Speaking of lechon ang sarap ng kain namin last sunday sa church after service. We have a visitor kasi from Australia then we decided to have a salo salo after service. We ordered the famous cebu’s lechon. Ang sarap ng kain kasi masarap yung lechon. At syempre hindi mawawala ang coke mas lalong ginaganahan kami sa pagkain. Busog na busog nga eh.

  • Kraig Jones says:


  • @brandon – thanks for introducing our food to your australian friends.. your story makes me want to jump and head to Cebu:)

  • hope says:

    Tama! Cebu’s lechon is really tasty and juicy.

  • @hope – i miss Lechon Cebu:)

  • manu & weng says:

    We have tried SABROSO LECHON in QC..bago lang.

    Very flavorful..masarap…black pig pala gamit nila.

  • @manu & weng – i should try that soon… goodbye diet wahahaha

  • Enyang says:

    If i order from Lechoncebu to deliver here in manila…crunchy pa rin ba yung balat and masarap pa rin if ever??

  • yup we have tried that before

  • alver says:

    Hello to all lechon lover! I have a good news to all of you. Alam nyo bah na ang lechon cebu ay may branch na sa Pasay? This coming june 24 sila mag oopen at Jac Liner Bus Terminal LRT-Buendia Station. Good news talaga ito sa atin dahil hindi na natin kailangang pumunta ng cebu para lang matikman ang lechon nila dahil abot kamay na natin sila. At hindi lang yan. Aside lechon cebu may ibang cebu delicacies din sila.

    Kita kits tayo doon ha sa opening day nila.

    For more info visit

  • rhon says:

    Nung nag check-in kami sa Water Front Hotel last May with my family. Nag padeliver kami letchon sa room, Ayer’s Lechon Cebu ang pangalan….Grabe ang sarap ng lasa, ang lutong ng balat at di mo na kailangan ng sarsa na pampalasa. kakaiba talaga ang lechon na to sa Cebu D’ Best Talaga….sana maglagay kayo branch sa Manila…

  • eric says:

    Last June, I stayed with my friend in Lagug Cebu, Nag inuman kami just a couple of bottles of san mig and he just order lechon across the street lang, AYER,s lechon ata yon pangalan. come-on super sarap ang lasa simot ang laman pati ribs, ang lutong ng balat di mo na kailangan ng sawsawan. Wala pa akong natitikman na ganitong taste sa Manila… yung two bottles naging dalawang cases na beer.

  • Ron says:

    Wow kabaliw ang lasa talaga ng AYER’s lechon Cebu..kakaiba ang sarap di nakailangan ng sarsa…..super lutong ang balat….native lechon talaga, buti nalang me website na sila kahit sa Manila ka nagdeliver sila… madali pa payment nila, pwede sa Globe G-cast at Smart money, me pay-pal at bank deposit din…..

  • Marie says:

    Back in 2005 I’ve tasted the CNT lechon. It really taste good and yummy, but not until April 2009 I stopped eating red meat which includes pork and beef

  • Toni B. says:

    I agree, ang Cebuano litson ay ang pinakamasarapang litson in the whole pilipinas…. FOR THE BEST places to eat n Cebu, I and my friend recommend to you Yummy Cebu.

  • kim says:

    have u tried Cebu’s Ayer lechon? it’s the best so far i’ve tasted…

  • Mark says:

    Until what time open ang CNT restaurant? thanks.

  • lei says:

    Im from Manila working here in Cebu.. for me lang huh CnT is not the best lechon here in Cebu.. madami dyan sa tabi tabi known lang kasi ang CnT kasi allowed sila sa airport pero taste wise hinde ganun ka sarap.. meron like Zubochon, Cang’s, Cora’s ..yan talagang masasabi kong masarap.. pihikan ako sa lasa eh.. sa Cora’s maganda ang karne lutong luto.. yung tipong nag hihiwahiwalay agad sya… CnT kasi minamadali ang luto..

  • ana says:

    pwede po b mg order or magpareserve na online

  • jack greenleaf says:

    Norman, Cathy: you should be very proud of your accomplishment. When i watched you roasting the one baboy at a time, in the compound, and then going inside to
    play games i never imagined that you would soar as you have.CONGRTULATIONS!! !!!!!!

  • janet says:

    makabuang ang kalami sa letchon sa cebu….basta letchon baboy hisgotan cebu jud pinakalami mohimo ana.i miss letchon cebu.

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