Pizza Overload at California Pizza Kitchen

Last week, Bloggers were invited in the Make Your Own Pizza event which was hosted by California Pizza Kitchen. It was rainy and vehicles in the streets are not moving so I decided to walk from my office in Makati Avenue to reach CPK Glorietta.

California Pizza Kitchen Make your Own Pizza Event
CPK’s to go box

Upon arrival, I was asked to choose a pizza flavor that that i like from among the more than 30 pizza offerings of California Pizza Kitchen. I personally chose the Jamaican Jerk Chicken since i havent tried it yet.

Garlic Cheese Focaccia with Checca - California Pizza Kitchen Make your Own Pizza Event
Garlic Cheese Focaccia with Checca

After few minutes Archie Rodriguez – the Philippine franchise owner of California Pizza Kitchen was introduced to us and a short presentation was played to familiarized us about how CPK started.

California Pizza Kitchen Make your Own Pizza Event
Archie Rodriguez demonstrating how to prepare pizza

“Our hearth oven baking process creates a pizza crust characteristic of fine bread. It also retains the color, texture and taste of our toppings, lending our pizzas a distinct and complex flavor,” explained Rodriguez.

California Pizza Kitchen Make your Own Pizza Event
Freshly Baked Pizza’s

Archie demonstrated how to prepare pizza before it is being placed into the oven. Since its an event prepared specially for bloggers, we were given the chance to bake our own pizza using their own signature recipes. From the spicy Thai Chicken to the smoky sweet Jamaican Jerk Chicken, everyone got the chance to make their own slice of adventure.

California Pizza Kitchen Make your Own Pizza Event
Tortillas Spring Rolls

Before everyone gets busy, they served us sample of their best selling recipes like the Garlic Cheese Foccacia, Tortillas Spring Rolls and the Sesame Ginger Chicken Dumplings.

California Pizza Kitchen Make your Own Pizza Event
My Freshly Cooked Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza

Finally our name was called and we were asked to make our own pizza. Since I am clueless on how am I gonna start, I was assisted by one of their resident Chef. After spreading the Spicy Sweet Caribbean sauce, I covered the 10inch dough with 3oz of mozzarella cheese in and evenly placed the additional toppings on top of the dough which includes grilled Jamaican Jerk spiced chicken breast, Mozzarella cheese, applewood smoked bacon, mild onions, roasted red & yellow peppers and green onions. Although I expect that we will also make our own pizza dough by hand-tossing pizza crusts, I still enjoyed making and eating lotsa lotsa Pizza’s.

California Pizza Kitchen Make your Own Pizza Event
Sesame Ginger Chicken Dumplings

CPK pizzas are famous for their use of fresh ingredients sourced locally and globally. They are widely known for their innovative pizza flavors from around the world, such as the Original BBQ Chicken, BLT, Thai Chicken, and of course my favorite Jamaican Jerk Chicken.

California Pizza Kitchen Make your Own Pizza Event
My Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza before being cooked

Founded in 1985 by attorneys-turned-entrepreneurs Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax, CPK is the pioneer in hearth-baked California-style pizzas. Cooked quickly in 3-7 minutes in approximately 500 degree heat, hearth-baked pizzas offer a different pizza experience because of their Crust characteristic of fine bread, texture and flavor of toppings and signature premium taste. Truly CPK offers one of the best Pizza’s in town.

California Pizza Kitchen Make your Own Pizza Event
Nina, Ryan and Charl having their Pizza Overload

For inquiries on reservation or delivery, call California Pizza Kitchen at 867-2115 to 16 (Glorietta 3), 850-5771 (Cortes de las Palmas, Alabang Town Center), 687-7841 to 42 (Shangri-La Plaza Mall), 725-7377 (Greenhills Promenade), 901-3881 to 82 (Trinoma) and 895-3447 (Power Plant Mall, Rockwell).

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