Burger Marathon at Burger Avenue

I’ve been asking a couple of friends to come with me to a burger place I’d been hearing about called Burger Avenue. It’s in a fairly new established mall called A Venue along Makati Ave and since we were already in the area I finally convinced a friend of mine to tag along. We walked a couple of blocks down Makati Avenue till we reached the mall. We had to do a bit of asking when we got there but the place wasn’t hard to find. Its located on the ground floor, situated in a quiet inconspicuous corner.

Ridiculous Burger Challenge at Burger Avenue
Ridiculous Burger, Is it?

I wasted no time and barged into the restaurant and immediately scanned the menu looking for the infamous burger this place is known for… the Ridiculous Hamburger named for its ridiculously large portions.

Grilled Burger at Burger Avenue
Want it well done?

Aside from the mountainous servings this burger also comes with a challenge. Wanna take a shot at guessing what it’s called?.. It’s called the Ridiculous Challenge! LoL!

Ridiculous Burger at Burger Avenue
Common take a bite!

If you can scarf down the burger in 5 minutes you get your Php240 meal for free!! With freshly grilled all-beef triple patty, sandwiched on an oatmeal bun, laced with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes and three slices of cheese this burger does not disappoint!

Potato Wedges at Burger Avenue
Huge Potato Fries!

You have to pay for your burger first and inform the cashier that your up for the challenge. The timer starts when you claim the burger. Everything must be eaten and swallowed in 5 minutes or less, absolutely no sharing. Once you’re finished you have to ring the hand bell that will be provided to you by the cashier. You then surrender the receipt and are reimbursed for the cost of your burger.

Cream Chiz and Garlic Burger
Cream Chiz and Garlic Burger

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity so I took the challenge. While my friend enjoyed her Cream Cheese and Garlic Burger, I hurriedly tried to make my burger disappear. My efforts were in vain for I finished eating 15 minutes later. The burger was so huge I didn’t know how or where to start biting.

Burger Challenge Winners at Burger Avenue
Burger Challenge Winners! Wanna join them?

We stayed in the restaurant a couple more minutes trying to digest our scrumptious meal. While there we started getting into a conversation with the cashier and learned that the Ridiculous Challange started sometime early April 2008. With more than 200 challengers that have succeeded only 3 are female.

Grilled Burger at Burger Avenue
It’s flaming hot off the grill!

There’s actually an unnamed record holder who finished his burger in an astounding 1.49 minutes. Spending some more time there I started to appreciate the intimate ambiance the restaurant has, with its retro inspired look adorned by modern furnishing its a great place to hang-out.

Burger Avenue at A Venue
Perfectly located in A Venue! The newest hang-out place in town!

Well lit, well ventilated, and clean so i don’t think there’s more you could ask for.

Burger Avenue 3
Dare to take the challege?

Budget : Ridiculous Burger (224 Php) Cream Chiz & Garlic Burger (111 Php) Potato Wedges (51 Php) Supersized Coke (40 Php)

Burger Avenue can be found at A Venue Mall, B. Valdez St. corner Makati Avenue.

Want a huge Burger right in your doorstep? For a minimum purchase of Php200 you can have your meal delivered by calling 729-9108. Since this is the first branch Burger Avenue’s delivery areas are limited.

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  • Poyt says:

    What an INSANELY huge burger! I doubt if I can eat that under 10 minutes.

  • @Poyt – I finished mine at around 12 minutes… best effort talaga hahahaha

  • The Sherwinator says:

    I am from Davao. I will be going to Manila this January and I have included this place in my itinerary. We do have a one (1) pound burger from an American Diner here in Davao called AL’s Diner Giant Burger and it was like eating 4 quarterpounders! I’m looking forward to wolfing down this ridiculous burger in under 5 mins… I will be posting my eating time here after my “Ridiculous Burger Challenge”

    Wish me Luck!

  • Ill be there this March.. I’ll try Al’s Diner

  • Sherwinator says:

    I came all the way from Davao to take the challenge. I was able to finish it in a little over 3mins…. Its a one pound burger… They took a picture of me after the challenge, too bad i wasn’t able to see it get posted on their wall of winners. A tip to those who would like to try…Don’t drink carbonated drinks, get iced tea or water instead.

  • Good Job… eventhough Im big, I dont think I can finish that in 5 minutes hehe

  • u8mypinkcookies says:

    i know I cant finish that big burger 😀 haha i wanna try the Avenue Burger coz it looks yummy.. and i love grilled patties too.

  • Christian Raeuber says:

    I love the Wasabi Burger, they now have two branches in Manila:

    1. A Venue Mall
    2. The Fort Strip (under Fitness First)

  • JP says:

    sasali ako jan.. uubusin ko lahat ng burger..hehe basta pag-nanalo ako.. treat ko lhat ng ka-officemate ko sama na buong department namin, with the same Giant Burger.. hmmmmmmmmm yummmy…… 🙂

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