Abuhan Dos Restaurant : Serving Cebu’s Finest Pochero

Whenever I travel to different places in the country, I always go to different restaurants and try local cuisine. Since we are covering the 2008 Pasigarbo sa Sugbo Festival, Eric and Nina planned to have our breakfast in Abuhan Restaurant upon our arrival in Cebu. Once we knew the dates we were leaving, we booked our hotel in Cebu so that we would be close to our favorite restaurant. We were so excited to eat at our favorite place that we didn’t even drop our suitcases off at the hotel.

Abuhan Pochero Cebu

We went directly from the airport to Abuhan Dos in F Ramos Street near the Robinson’s mall to try Nina’s Favorite Pochero.

So What is Pochero?

Pochero is a pork stew of Spanish origin, stewed beef or pork cooked with chorizo de bilbao and lots of chopped onions and tomatoes. The vegetables and saba bananas are usually cooked separately. Some versions of pinoy pochero include garbanzos and fried sweet potatoes.

Abuhan Restaurant's Sizzling Pochero

In Cebu, Bulalo is called Pochero. It was perfectly cooked in Beef broth mixed with shreds of ginger, fresh cabbage and sweet corn. Cebu’s Famous Bulalo is best eaten with steamed rice. Nina is right, the soup is realy tasty and the rice is superb.

We also tried the Sizzling Pochero, Imagine the Abuhan’s Famous Pochero without the soup, corn and vegetables and replace it with butter gravy, fried potato chunks and set it on a hot iron plate.

Abuhan Restaurant in Cebu

Forget about your super healthy diet and just plan for a heavy exercise, these Cebu’s Finest Pochero can increase your body’s cholesterol level. But who cares? The Food is Fantastic!

About the Restaurant:

Abuhan; vernacular for a dirty kitchen aptly makes Abuhan Uno and its branches quite like the kitchen of Cebu. It has, for over 30 or more years captured the palate of Cebuanos with its quintessentially Filipino dishes.

Cebu's Finest Pochero in Abuhan Restaurant

All Abuhan branches accepts all major credit cards in case you ran out of cash. If you are planning to visit Abuhan Restaurant; check out their branches.

Abuhan Uno
F. Ramos St., Cebu City
Telephone: (+6332) 2531881

Abuhan Dos
176 F. Ramos Street, Cebu City (near Robinsons Mall)
Phone : (032) 253 5774
Fax no: +63(032) 253-1883
Open 24 Hours

Abuhan Tres
i2 PIPC tower, Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu
Phone : (032) 253 1151/1881/5774
Open 24 Hours

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    Finding its own place under Cebu’s friendly skies, business and leisure breathe together with office buildings and beach resorts. Health Purifying Juices

  • And how much did each serving cost?

  • aymee says:

    one of the best restaurant in cebu… you should feature more cebu restaurants

  • Toni B. says:

    Thnx for the blog – I’ve lived in cebu for over 5 years but I’ve never been there – my friend said mas marami at hindi bugnaw and pagkaon at hindi mahal – gud for a nice meal! So I’ll try it. By the way, have you ever heard of Yummy Cebu? It’s supposed to be a real good blog spot for food in Cebu.

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