Jonas Mami Noodle House

Mami is one of the most popular comfort food for Pinoys, in fact Pares or Mami houses are scattered along the streets of Manila.

Jonas Special Mami
Jonas Special Mami

While completing my Christmas shopping, I chanced upon a Mami house at SM San Lazaro named Jonas. I got curious because the restaurant is always full packed, so I decided to try it. The Mami house only offers few dishes unlike other “Mamihan” that also offers various rice toppings. Aside from their famous Pares, they also offer Mami, Siomai, Siopao, lumpiang shanghai and some desserts. I tried their Mami with Siomai, beef and Wonton toppings and paired with their Asado Siopao…  I love it:) (more…)

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Starbucks Multi-grain Bagel and Cream Cheese

During my childhood Pandesal always completed my breakfast. I always made sure to have it toasted, “tostado”, then I dip it in a cup of Kapeng Barako. Rarely do I see bakeshops in urban places like Makati, so I thank Starbucks, which is all over the metropolis, in fact I think Starbucks Coffee shops outnumbered 711.. at least in Makati.

Starbucks multi-grain bagel
Starbucks Multi-grain Bagel and Cream Cheese

Since Starbucks is the only coffee shop near my office, It’s always my first stop before going to work. I don’t know when Starbucks started selling Bagels but this is where I was introduced to it. I used to love their Corned Beef Pandesal but that was forgotte when I had my first taste of their Multigrain bagel. Don’t you just love bagels with cream cheese? I do! The only time I go for other breakfast meals are when Bagels are out of stock. I love the multi-grain bagel when its hot, crispy and toasted. (more…)

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Mogwai : Feasting on Food and Film

I was never an Indie film lover or some sort but since my fellow night crawlers; Laise and Lara convinced me to join them at Cubao-X for dinner, I found my right foot roaming the artist’s hub. After being overwhelmed with pre-war cameras in an antique shop in the area, we finally decided to eat and look for an interesting restaurant in the place.

Mogwai Cubao-X
Mogwai in Cubao-X

Cubao X has been known as an artistic venue for music lovers, fasionistas, photographers, film producers and antique lovers. Though most of the buildings are considered run-down, they were able to revive the place with fantastic collection of paintings, clothing’s, music, movies and antiques. (more…)

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A Cup of Love @ the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

A couple friends and I visited the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee shop down at the A-Venue mall several nights ago. We each purchased drink and a dish to satisfy our cravings. After taking pictures of our soon to be meals in a well lit area, we moved to out preferred seats outside of the coffee shop to give our taste buds a treat.

Roast chicken and mushroom Fusilli Pasta @ The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Roast chicken and mushroom pasta

Shellaise ordered a regular café latte for Php110 which was good, but nothing extraordinary. Lara had the Moroccan Mint Latte priced at Php130. It was tasty and it brought something new to our table. The mint wasn’t overpowering so this managed to provide accommodation for the classic latte taste. My drink was the star of the night, the African Sunrise tea latte which I innovatively tagged as a “cup of love”, a large mug costs Php135. It really is a must to experience the smooth blend of the tea. If it had a look it would be icing on a cake, slick and flowing. If it had a feel it would be the softest cloud in god’s beautiful sky, relaxed and inviting. (more…)

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Spicy Curry Laksa @ Penang Hill Malaysian Restaurant

Asians are known for our love for rice, spices and good food. This is why Asia will always be recognized as the continent of spices which explains why the majority of exotic dishes are found in Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Food ingredients in most South East Asian countries commonly include coconut milk, lemon grass, pepper, sugar, basil, fish and shrimp paste and several kinds of chili. The rich culture and traditions in South East Asia adds flavor to its unique culinary offerings.

Nasi Goreng at Penang Hill Malaysian Restaurant
Nasi Goreng

Treat yourself! Penang Hill will take you on a different culinary experience as they offer a unique taste of Asia. The restaurant features a selection of Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Singaporean to spicy Thai gastronomical delights. (more…)

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Bacoor Gastronomic Delights!

Bacoor may be known for its rich history and Philippine revolutionary legacies, but it is also known for at least two culinary specialties – tahong talaba and halo-halo!

Ocean Delight Adobong Tahong
Adobong Tahong in Bottle

Bacoor’s shores abound with mussels and oysters (tahong at talaba). Manila chefs and food enthusiasts do not mind trekking to Bacoor to get their supply of sweet, safe and fresh oysters and mussels. (more…)

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Christmas Ham for Noche Buena : A Pinoy Holiday Tradition

Serving Ham in the table during Christmas eve has been part of Filipino Christmas tradition. Just like setting up and decorating Christmas tree, buying or cooking ham will always complete Pinoy’s Noche Buena.

Pineapple Ham
Christmas Ham

Christmas Ham is said to have come from a Norse pagan tradition of yuletide celebration. It is also called Yule Ham – a traditional dish associated with modern Christmas. The tradition is suggested to have began amongst the Germanic peoples as a tribute to Freyr, a god in Germanic Paganism associated with boars, harvest and fertility. (more…)

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